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                         Dominion Tank Police Info
                 by Frasco (

Shirow  wrote the original Dominion manga, featuring the manic Tank Police,
in 1986.
Summary:  "In  the future the world's pollution problems have escalated and
toxic micro-organisms force people to wear filter masks out of doors. Crime
rates  are  very  high,  and  to counter it the Tank Police, a special SWAT
unit,  have  been  formed.  Their  main task is to catch the criminal BUAKU
gang.  But  the residents of Newport, a vast bio-constructed city, are more
enraged  by the destructive activities of the Tank Police than those of the
Leona,  her  pet  tank  Bonaparte,  and  her  lovesick  partner Al, have to
confront  the  villainous  Buaku  and his felinoid accessories-to-crime the
beautiful   Annapuma   and  Unipuma.  Leona's  goal:  to  rescue  Crolis, a
mysterious  green-skinned  girl with the power to clean the air around her,
and the potential to renew the poisoned Earth".

                        Masamune Shirow on Dominion
Of  all  of  Masamune  Shirow's  policewoman series, Dominion is by far the
lightest  and  least  serious,  despite  that  broading title. It's a short
story,  only  one  volume in all, that first ran in Hakusensha Publishing's
dearly   departed   magazine   ComiComi.   The   short  temper  and  Type A
personality  of  police  tank commander Leona Ozaki and the daily events of
her  Newport  Police Station (Hyogo Prefecture, Shinhama City) are depicted
in loving slapstick (fortunately there isn't area unit like this in Japan).
Shinhama  City  and Newport Ward don't really exist. In theory they're part
of  an imaginary artificial island called Waterfront floating off the coast
of  Hyogo  Prefecture  near Kobe. It seems Waterfront is a ong construction
stretching  as  far as the Kii Peninsula. One interesting thing about it is
that it doesn't go all the way to the ocean floor -- it floats above it.
The centerpiece of Dominion was the pocket tank Bonaparte T-1, virtually an
extension  of Leona herself. Bonaparte's name was meant to be a take-off on
both  "Napoleon"  and  the  Japanese  pronunciation of the German "Leopard"
tank.  The  driver  lay  almost prone on the bottom armor of the hull, with
Leona's  seat  covering  him  like  a  tortoise  shell. Small as it was, it
weighted  a  good five tons, and the treads could leave any road in serious
need  of  repair.  Bonaparte  fired  a  variety of stun and gas cannisters.
However,  Leona  always  kept  three  illicit  high-velocity AP rounds in a
special "good luck" bag at her feet.
I  should mention that all four videos were original stories written by the
animation  staff  and  differ  a  bit from my own Dominion universe. Not to
worry  --  if  it's  interesting, what more can you ask? (Actually, I liked
their Brenten a lot).

                           Dominion Characters:

                              Charles Brenten
Brenten  is the leader of the Tank Police, and likes to keep a tough, macho
cop image. Beneath the harsh exterior, he is a bit of a softie, and prefers
riding  around  the  streets in his tank to actually solving any crimes. Of
course,  he wouldn't let anyone else know that, and tries to live up to his
image as a hard taskmaster.

                                Leona Ozaki
Newly  assigned to the Tank Police, from the motorcycle division, Leona has
a few initial problems adjusting to Tank Police techniques. However, with a
new,  custom  built  tank,  she rapidly becomes one of their most effective

                              Al Cu Ad Solte
Al  is the driver and mechanic for Leona's tank, Bonaparte. He occasionally
questions  the rather brutal tactics of the Tank Police, but doesn't object
too much, when shouted down.

                                 The Chief
He   suffers  from  prematurely  grey  hair  and  constant  heart  trouble.
(Doubtless brought on by the actions of the Tank Police.)

Besides looking after the spiritual welfare of the Tank Police, Chaplain is
a fairly mean tank driver, and a rather useful interrogator. He also helped
design Leona's tank.

                              Specs (Megane)
Specs  is  a  failed  scientist, who acts as the brains of the Tank Police.
He's a computer wizard and also a fairly useful biologist.

Buaku  is  a cyborg, with a mysterious past. His gang are the Tank Police's
most  dangerous  opponents, armed with both Buaku's cunning and some rather
hefty weapons.

                           Anna Puna & Uni Puma
The  Puma  sisters  are  Buaku's  lieutenants, and are also cyborgs, albeit
rather better looking than Buaku. They have a serious affinity for big guns
and motorbikes. In the second series of the anime they are somewhat down on
their luck. In DOMINION Conflict 1 they join forces with the police!

                     DOMINION Phantom of the Audience
Would  you  like  to  see  somebody  passing  in front of your home digging
trenches  where  there was your garden? Well, somebody has decided that the
tanks  of the Police must change their shoes. But Bonaparte is not the same
using wheels!
Dark  Horse  Preview:  "The fearless tank police return in an all-new short
story,  Phantom  of  the  Audience!  What's  the  story  with the new sport
craze,  Smartball?  Will Leona's overzealous attitude get her kicked out of
the  Tank  Police?  Will  squad  commander  Brenten  ever finish typing his
report? It's an ecological-dystopian- police procedural adventure/comedy as
only master storyteller Masamune Shirow can do it!".

                    DOMINION Conflict 1 (no more noise)
After the short story Dominion - Phantom of the Audience Shirow has finally
come  back  to  the  Dominion  universe:  now  the air is clean and the new
Bonaparte  MT-9  is  the  standard Police tank and, more important, the law
cannot  sentence  androids,  so the Puma sisters have to be converted to...
police women!
[ Wait a minute: before C1 I'd like to tell you that the next Dominion will
probably  be  out  about  1999 (everyway before Appleseed 5 who is very far
from completion (no sooner than 2000 or later) ]

Below you can read the official previews of all six books published by Dark
Book  #1:  Humor  is the only defense against insanity in a world where the
air  is  so  foul  that  you  need to wear an oxygen mask, the economy's so
depressed  that even fake gold's a luxury, and the crime is so bad that the
cops  need  armored tanks! Such is the world of Leona, ace tank-cop. In her
pet tank Bonaparte, she'll either save the city of Newport... or destroy it
trying!  In  No More Noise, Leona recruits some help to catch some slippery
crooks  --  help that's rather crooked itself! The villainous and sexy Puma
sisters become duly deputized officers of the law in this latest chapter of
Book  #2:  Leona  Ozaki  is the most experienced tank patrol cop in Newport
City's  Police  Department.  She's  faced  down  gun-toting sky pirates and
berserk  street  thugs  and walked away with hardly a scratch! But not even
her   battle  experience  could  have  prepared  her  for  the  adversaries
awaiting  her  back at HQ -- the love-starved, female cops who want to keep
her away from heartthrob police chief Sakurai! On top of that, Leona has to
contend  with  her new law-enforcement partner, Annapuma, a woman who can't
figure  out  the  difference between being chased by the police and wearing
the badge herself!
Book  #3:  It's  a  workday  from hell for officer Leona Ozaki. The jealous
traffic-meter  girls  are  determined  to  get  between  her  and  handsome
chief-of-staff  Sakura;  her uptight subordinate Shinozaki has mysteriously
disappeared  into  the Traffic Control Division; and sky pirate Urushi-Maru
is  flying free above the city. Leona has neither the time nor the patience
for  this  -- but what she does have are three HEAT rounds, and if she aims
them just right she can end all of her troubles!
Book  #4:  The  flipped red flag of an expired parking meter is the favored
sight  of  Newport's  intrepid  meter maids! Or, rather, it was the favored
sight,  before  studly  chief-of-staff  Sakura  came  to the Newport Police
Department!  So  when  tank  policewoman  Leona  Ozaki appears to be making
time with the handsome superintendent, the maids take to the streets to put
an end to the pairing... and find themselves in the middle of a raging gang
Book  #5:  Leona's  tank  is  state  of  the art! It can go over, under, or
through  any  obstacle  --  or,  rather,  any  obstacle  besides a crowd of
anti-Tank  Police  peaceniks!  When  the  only  thing standing between your
outrageous  firepower  and  the  biggest  bust  of  your  life is a pack of
demonstrating pacifists, what do you do?
Book  #6:  Bringing  infamous  sky  pirate Urushi-Maru down to earth was no
problem.  Pump  enough Sayori-14 HEAT rounds into a biplane, it's not gonna
stay  up  for long. But the real battle still lies ahead for tank-cop Leona
Ozaki;  now  she  has  to explain to her supervising officer why one of the
city's  most important factories is going up in smoke! Leona may always get
her man, but they sure don't come along easily! Instead this is the preview
by Studio Proteus:

Newport's  wild  and  unruly  Tank Police are at it again. When a dud shell
lets  the  notorious  sky  pirate  Urushi-maru slips through the fingers of
newly  promoted  tank squad commander Leona, the city's most dedicated tank
girl knows she's in for a bad day. But how bad who could imagine? Her squad
has  to  fight  for  new  ammunition  with the tight-wad department section
chief, she's been ordered to represent the department at the priggish Kinki
Regional Police headquarters committee to select the next generation police
armored fighting vehicle, and the goopy star of the hit TV talk show, "Love
Will  Save the World" has chosen this day of all day to film "The Policeman
is  Our Friend," live at Tank Police HQ! But that's not the half of it. The
Chief  has  also selected Leona's squad to experiment with the department's
first  android  police  officers, and the new lady cops turn out to be none
other  than  Leona's old nemesis, the uncontrollable and drop-dead gorgeous
Puma  sisters,  Anna  and  Uni.  Can  the reprogrammed robot crime-babes be
turned  into  spit and polish law guardians? Can they at least be kept from
stealing evidence and breaking and entering on the job? Can Leona evade the
"love  attack"  of  the  lady  killer  assistant chief of Kinki Police, the
dashing   Captain  Kenji  Sakura,  and  the  jealous  machinations  of  the
over-sexed  Meter  Maids  of the Traffic Control Department out to stop the
romance  at  any cost? Will the Tank Police survive the crooked scheming of
corrupt  officials  at  headquarters  who want to throw the next-generation
tank contract to the sleazy hacks at Hammer Industries?
And  above  all,  can  Leona and her one true love, the mini-tank Bonaparte
Ten,  survive  the  "Work  Day  From Hell" and still find time to get their
man, the elusive sky pirate of Newport City?
Shirow  Masamune  brings  all  the  grit, grandeur, and goofiness of future
police  procedural  together  in  the  wildest, most intense Dominion story

                               Dominion OAVs

                           Dominion Tank Police
Original Story: Masamune Shirow
Director:        Koichi Mashimo
Running time:    67/67 mins
Release Date:    1989

                            Act 1 - Crime Corps
As  Act  1  opens,  Leona,  gung-ho  red-haired  female recruit to the Tank
Police,  reports  for  duty  as Lt. Brenten and his men are interrogating a
prisoner   with   the  hand-grenade  torture.  It  is  Leona's  very  first
assignment.  While  on  patrol inside the company commander's tank special,
the  cyborg  Buaku  and  his  female  sidekicks the Puma twins break into a
hospital  and  steal  a  valuable  research  material.  In  her  very first
personal  experience  controlling  a tank, Leona struggles very hard to run
after  Buaki  and  his  accomplices. Somehow the material is something they
don't  have  to steal, but the commander is fiercely mad! The tank he loves
has  gone  to  pieces.  What  the  Buaku gang is after is a list of healthy
people.  Healthy  people  who  are  not  immune to the air pollution have a
scarcity  value,  and  they  are  very important objects of study. The tank
police  prepares  for  more  attacks  from  the  Buaku  gang,  and security
arrangements are made.

                             Act 2 - Crime War
Buaku  escapes  to  his  hideout  and works over his next operation after a
representative  for  Buaku's  employer  awards  him  a secret weapon. Buaku
heads out for the tank police and provokes them. Tempted by the invitation,
the  tank  police  mobilizes  all  tanks,  but  they were all overturned by
plastic  land mines set by Buaku and the others. Coming their way are Leona
and Al, riding on the finally completed Bonaparte. Taking along the company
commander they head for a hospital. At that time at the hospital, the Buaku
gang's two tanks and one security tank are fighting a fierce battle running
about  inside  the  hospital.  Arriving  there,  the Bonaparte also becomes
burried  underneath the crumbling hospital, and the Buaku gang successfully
gets away while holding the list.

                                Act 3 and 4
In  the  concluding  episodes  of  this  Japanese animated video series the
ecological  background  continues.  In  Act  III Buaku steals an overpriced
painting  of himself with the assistance of the sexy Puma twins. There is a
wonderful   brief  cameo  here  of  the  girls  as  society  sophisticates.
Meanwhile  at Tank Police headquarters it's "Showtime." Girl recruit Leona,
in  Bunny  costume,  helps  lob  knives  at  a  drug  dealer  strapped to a
spinning  board  with  a live hand grenade in his mouth. The audience place
bets  on  how  many  seconds  it will take him to spit out the grenade. The
Tank  Police  attend  the  burglary  but Leona is captured by Buaku. In the
final  episode  the  'green'  theme recurs and we find that some of the bad
guys were less bad than we thought.

                          Dominion Crusher Police
Original Story: Masamune Shirow
Director:        Noboru Furuse
Screenplay:      Act 5 - Hiroshi Yamaguchi
                 Acts 6-10 - Mitsuo Mutsuki & Nemuruanzu
Running time:    30/30/30/26/28/30 mins
Release Date:    1994
Official  Blurb:  "2100  AD:  Urban  terrorism  in Japan is out of control.
Newport  City  and its law enforcement agencies begin to surrender to inner
city  crime.  The  Tank  Police  are  assigned  to restore order, but their
ruthless  methods  in  combating  crime  only  create  more destruction and
Masume  Shirow  oversaw  the  production  of  these  new episodes to ensure
faithfulness  to  his  original  work,  and Shirow fans should find this an
improvement  over  acts  1-4.  As  with  the  first  series, the premise of
employing  an  urban  tank  force  to  combat crime takes centre stage, and
much humour is derived from the resulting collateral damage. These episodes
are  set after the manga when Buaku's on his way to the stars, so you won't
see him.

                              Dominion Mecha

                Bonaparte (Police Mini-Tank from Dominion)
Bonaparte  really is fast and maneuverable. The main gun is a cannon and it
fires  a  range  of  munitions,  including  stun, gas, high explosive, glue
shells and even armour piercing discarding sabot rounds. A vulcan cannon is
in a ball mount on the rear of the vehicle and has the full 180 degree fire
arc.  Later  on  in  the  manga  Bonaparte is equipped with a taser mounted
coaxially to the main gun.
Bonaparte  is  tough - it takes the full brunt of a 30mm vulcan attack with
damage to only it's external auxiliary systems.
Bonaparte's sensors are very good - it can track vehicles by their acoustic
signatures  and  can  scan  the  inside of a car's trunk! (presumably using
sonar or millimetre wave radar)
The  crew  compartment  is  very  cramped  -  the driver lies down with the
commander sitting above them up into the turret with their feet either side
of the driver (or, as often in the case of Leona, on Al's head).
All track vehicles damage roads to some extent but Bonaparte seems to do an
especially  good  job of it (even more so in the anime). In the short story
"Phantom  of  the  Audience"  Bonaparte  in equipped with wheels to prevent
It  has  a pollution protection system which consists of filters on the air
intakes  to  protect  the  engine  from  the  bacterial cloud and a special
coating on the exterior surfaces to protect them from acid rain.
Bonaparte  is  capable  of  popping  out  his  treads to brace them against
opposite walls to climb up lift shafts, clefts between twin towers etc.
Depending on whether you believe the manga or the anime Bonaparte is either
limited  production or scratch built. The 'new' Bonaparte MT-9 in Dominion:
Conflict 1 are massed produced.

                   Bonaparte MT-9 (Police Mini-Tank from
                    Dominion Conflict 1: No More Noise)
Dominion  Conflict  1:  No  More  Noise  is not the same as Dominion, being
somewhat  more  serious  in  tone  and  having  a different continuity, and
Bonaparte  is  different  to  his  previous  incarnation.  Instead of being
one-of-kind,  Bonapartes are mass produced and are used by most tank police
units. They are also bigger, about 2.5 m tall compared to the old Bonaparte
at 2 m, have a pair of manipulator arms that fold up behind the turret and,
in one of the biggest departures, do not destroy the road! The main gun and
rear vulcan gun are the same but new are mini-turrets on either side, which
I  am  guessing are smoke grenade launchers (they are not used or mentioned
in the dialogue). HEAT and armour piercing rounds for the main gun are only
available  with special permission from an Inspector or above rank, usually
restricting  it  to  a  variety of (relatively) non-lethal rounds. The rear
vulcan  has  at least two different round chains of ammunition (one normal,
one  rubber). The turret pod containing the main gun can be replaced with a
fire-fighting   pod,   missile  pod  or  rocket-launcher  pod  and  various
engineering units can be attached to the rear.
The bacterial cloud and excessive pollution are gone, removing the need for
special  filters  and  coatings  and  the  auxiliary systems are now better
integrated and armoured.

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